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RELEASED 3D DVDs - 3D Childrens Movies/Animated Movie List

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 3D
Released in 2009, Cloudy follows a town inventor and a clever weathergirl on a quest to find out why the rain has stopped falling. This is a must see 3D movie with wonderfully entertaining animations, a superb storyline, and amazing characters.

Fly Me To The Moon 3D
Animated childrens space adventure movie which was the first animation picture to be make specifically for a 3D release.

Toy Story 3D
Surely one of the most successful animated movies ever made, Toy Story gets a Pixar remake into stunning 3D.

A Christmas Carol
The animated version of the classic tale from Dickens - panned by some critics and applauded by others. This ia a must see movie for fans of the tale.

Coraline 3D
The intriguing and entertaining fairytale of a girls experiences in an alternative world where her initial experiences become darkened as the story progresses.

Alice In Wonderland 3D

The highly imaginative story of the girsl who gets lost in a rabbit hole, and encounters a magical land filled with strange characters. Alice In Wonderland works well in 3D, using these strange characters to form an entrancing storyline.

The Polar Express 3D
Visually stunning tale of the train ride to Sant's home in the North Pole, with Tom Hanks as the strange but friendly ticket collector.

Garfields Pet Force 3D

Shrek 3D

Up 3D

Spy Kids 3D

Santa vs The Snowman

Little Hercules 3D

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